What are your Summer Holiday Plans?

6/08/2010 12:40:00 PM ·

The other day I was speaking with a good friend of mine that works in the UK. I’ve known her all of my life, ever since we were in grade school together. She has always been a sort of world wind traveler, and it’s not a surprise considering her family is spread across the entire globe.

I had mentioned to her that I would be in the UK next summer for school and right away the wheels started spinning. She told me she had been looking into some Dubai Holidays for this summer and was it possible that I could come early to check out the UK before I went to school. She also wanted me to accompany her on the trip. Unfortunately, a summer holiday to the UK wasn't in the cards this year, at least for me.

“It’s a wonderful offer “, I said. However, at the moment I’m just not financially able to go. She understood of course. I did, however, tell her that she had over a year to plan a vacation for us when I came to visit. Even though I believed being in the UK for the first time would be amazing enough.

She called me yesterday and had already planned on two types of holidays. She had found some Las Vegas Holidays and  Maldives Holidays that she thought I would love. I told her, “why not go to a place neither of us have been to”. How about a beautiful paradise that many people don’t get to experience?

Of course, we chose the Maldives. The Maldives are situated in the Indian Ocean, connected by several atolls south-west of Sri Lanka. The water is a crystal blue and the sea life surrounding the islands is devastatingly beautiful. What’s even better is the fact that the holiday to the Maldives is so reasonable. This has a lot to do with the fact we are flying out of the UK and not the United States.

I can honestly say I will have my hands full next summer. What with having teatime with the many bloggers I have met from the UK over the past few years, a trip to the Edinburgh to visit at friend at the university, a vacation in the Maldives, classes at either Oxford or Cambridge, and the fact I still have to blog in the middle of all of this.

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