Springtime - A Journey Into Macro Space By Gunther Machu

6/12/2010 04:47:00 PM ·

Springtime - A Journey Into Macro Space from Gunther Machu on Vimeo.

Gunther Machu from Vienna has taken a used 50mm f3.5 FD macro lens with a 25mm extender to explore the springtime landscapes in his backyard. The scenery comes unraveled as rare and beautiful creatures move to the sounds of Thomas Newman and flowers are discovered blowing in the wind in a world within a world.

This has been the best six minutes of macro footage I've seen in a long time. The soft gentle movements of the insects, spiders, worms, bees, and beetles have entranced me to a point I watched it twice.

If you've followed some of the nature programs on Discovery or National Geographic and the amount of talent it takes to film nature in the oddest of circumstances, then you'll understand why Gunther's fans believe him to be the next best thing.

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