Reasons to Hate Walmart

6/13/2010 10:33:00 PM ·

I can probably think of thousand reasons why I don't shop at Walmart anymore. However, I'll let my friend Jo Oliver break the list "16 Reasons I Hate Going to Wal-mart" down in her own own humorous way.

Personally, I switched all of my food and convenience shopping over to the Big Red Bullet, Target of course. To be quite honest, people have a misconception about Target's prices. Their food is actually cheaper than Walmart and the quality is by far more superior. So why put yourself through the agony of shopping at an ill maintained and notoriously bad staffed store when you can shop in comfort somewhere else.

Are we all just stupid consumers? It's like getting food poisoning from a fast food joint and you just keep going back. Let's not be naive. Just stop going and you won't ever have to complain about it again. It's the best choice I ever made.

16 Reasons I Hate Going to Wal-mart

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