Mokele-Mbembe: A Dinosaur Found in the Congo

6/06/2010 01:33:00 PM ·

Like a gripping Hollywood narrative, dinosaurs we see in movies like Jurassic Park or Jumanji were conjured up by the writers creative minds and the visions of the director to scare the socks off of moviegoers. But what happens when an actual explorer embarks on a safari in the Congo and comes across prints in the mud they believe belongs to a dinosaur? A dinosaur roaming the jungles of the Congo, now that sounds like an urban legend, not an actual fact.
A few of the earliest and most colorful tales came from Alfred Aloysius Horn, a traveler, trader, and adventurer of the last century. His stories told of a creature living in the swamps and rivers. The animal was called, "Jago-Nini" which meant "giant diver." Though Horn had never seen the creature himself he was told that it, "Comes out of the water and devours people." Horn did say he'd seen a footprint that was, "about the size of a good frying pan in circumference and three claws instead o'five."
Read the entire history of  Mokele-Mbembe: A Dinosaur Found in the Congo at the UnMuseum

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