Kevin Costner Sells Oil Spill Machines to BP

6/10/2010 10:52:00 AM ·

In 1989, after the Exxon-Valdez oil spill, Kevin Costner became increasingly aware of the void for clean ocean therapy. He organized a company, the Costner Industries Nevada Corporation (CINC) in Carson City, including scientists headed by his brother Dan to do further research.  Using over 20 million dollars over the years, the company came up with a Centrifugal Separator with a 99.9% success rate.

Wednesday, Costner presented his oil spill solution to Congress.Costner said “that as long as the oil industry profits from the sea, they have an obligation to protect it.” He went on to say that the cleaning devices “should be on every ship transporting oil, they should be on every derrick, they should be in every harbor.”

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