Impression of the Infinite By Metamorphose in Béziers, France

6/27/2010 11:15:00 AM ·

The 'Impression of the Infinite' installation was created for the art festival 'heureuse coincidence' by the Belgian architects Metamorphose. The installation includes spherical mirrors in a field of lovely florals as the backdrop.

Perception of a geographical landscape can often be skewed, and that reasoning prompted Metamorphose to urge people to look at a landscape through a different lens so to speak.

"...the intervention adopts the symbol of the butterfly effect, relaying the idea that even the smallest element can have a phenomenal impact on its environment. a symbol conveyed through the project's dual-character, that of catalyst and multiplier" - metamorphose

The objects are skewed by way of the mirrors, thus the abstracted concept of infinity is what is observed.

Of course, the view at night is all together much more unusual. The darkness of night allows the spherical mirrors to reflect the fluorescent luminosity from the smaller spheres.    
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