How Does Your Furniture Style Define You

6/19/2010 06:06:00 PM ·

Last month, my father suffered an enormous flood in his apartment, losing his mahogany sofa console table. His table was virtually irreplaceable, along with his dark leather sofa, and two computers. His insurance company covered everything, thank goodness, but he was more upset about the loss of his console table than anything else.

My father has impeccable taste, and it usually takes him months to figure out where every piece of furniture should be placed, whether the design will promote good Feng Shui, and whether the pieces will look appropriate next to his collection of a history books.

He managed to find an interesting and provocative replacement in the Berkley Sofa Table, a cherry wood table that is more than refined to his taste. I'm green with envy, as I'm trying to replace all of my furniture at the moment, and the table perfectly suits me as well. It's sophisticated and versatile, with several leveled shelves with glass tops. My father loved the design so much, he purchased the matching end tables and cocktail table.

In the past, my father has purchased furniture at department stores or specialty stores. This time, he actually found a site online that worked with a store based out of Ontario, Canada called Magnussen Home, a store producing high-quality furniture for decades.

I've always been a bit skeptical about purchasing furniture online, but my father's experience made me rethink the process.

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