Honor Your Dad For Father's Day With a Swiss Army Knife

6/20/2010 12:58:00 PM ·

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My dad and I are quite the adventurers. Growing up with a dad that liked history and adventure may have been the reason I turned to a life of digging in the dirt.

I remember sneaking into this old wooden box where he would keep all of his gadgets in, including this antique pocket knife that he was given by his father. There weren't too many of the gadgets that still worked, but they all had such a wonderful story to tell.

I can't remember a time that he didn't carry a pocket knife when we went on our little adventures hiking or fishing. Catching the blue gills would have never been the same, had I not had a knife to cut the line off my dad's shirt. I snagged him a couple times. Ok, maybe a hundred.

This year, I thought about the perfect gift to commemorate our adventures together. The Dual Pro X Swiss Army knife was more that fitting, as every tool included reminded me of the antique knife he had in his wooden box. I haven't given it to him yet, as our dinner reservations are not until 6pm this evening. I'm sure he'll love the thought and he'll be the first one to suggest an adventure, some sort of activity that will require the use of his new Swiss Army knife.

I like it so much, I might have get one myself. I mean, what archaeologist doesn't carry an Swiss Army Knife in their satchel?

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