Finding Assistance When You Want to Buy A Home

6/02/2010 07:23:00 PM ·

So how do you find a home when your credit is less than perfect?

About  a month ago, I mentioned to all of you that Kelly and I were looking to rent a home near the university. We had spoken to my mom previously whom had some  FHA Information on file for us to use as a resource. After many nights of research on a site that explained the rent to own process, we found out that we were actually in the position to Rent To Buy a home, even after all of the mess with the restaurants. We're still working all that out mind you.

I wanted to let all of you know that may be in the same type of situation. There are so many resources on the internet, and so many options for individuals that may want to own a home, but previous issues stopped you from doing so. With sites like, it's easy to understand the benefits and the concepts that will lead you to a home that fits your personal needs.

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