Congratulations 2010 High School Graduates

6/05/2010 04:59:00 PM ·

This past Friday, I attended my fiance's sons high school graduation. It seems like only yesterday that I was walking up the stairs to the podium to receive my diploma. It's an out of body experience, don't you agree? At one point the entire room stopped, I couldn't hear a thing, even my mom yelling and jingling that hilarious cow bell. It's one of those moments, and I'm sure all of you will agree, that we all remember.

In honor of all the 2010 high school graduates and my fiance's on, soon to be stepson (not sure when so don't ask), I made a video just for him to remember the day. Oh, and there's no better song that characterizes the moment but Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. (That's his mom in the video, not me)

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