Christian Faur: The Incredible DNA Coding of Crayon Art

6/13/2010 12:31:00 AM ·

Christin Faur uses a complex mapping system with his crayon series that translates the English alphabet into twenty six discrete colors, thereby using these crayon “fonts” to add words and language to each of the pieces in the show. Like a canvas of Seurat, Chris Faur is creating unique and one of a kind sculptures that from a far are clear and fluid depictions of form, yet up close a collection of crayon tips packed neatly in a wooden box.

I think that painting is very much like solving a complicated mathematical problem, where each step logically and necessarily follows from the previous step, finally arriving at a solution. Ideally, an elegant one.


It's appears to be a new form of communication through the use of colored glyphs using a piece of literature or a translated poem. Ideally, it's a new form of expression, where words can take the form of a child's face or a feeling can be sculpted into the sky or the ocean.

My studies in the natural sciences have made me aware of these hidden layers of complexity present in even the simplest objects. These invisible layers are seen most clearly through the lens of logic, which is used to decipher the underlying rules and laws that govern the physical world.

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