Albert Fentress: The Hannibal Lecter From Poughkeepsie, New York

6/27/2010 12:43:00 AM ·

In the dark and humid evening on August 20th of 1979, 18 year old student, Paul Masters was roaming the backyard of then Poughkeepsie middle-school teacher, Albert Fentress. Local teenagers were known to pester or mildly harass Albert Fentress. Fentress possessed rather odd behaviors and a strict disposition while teaching in his history class. Surprisingly, administrators at the Poughkeepsie middle-school permitted Fentress to fashion himself with Nazi military uniforms and wield a leather riding crop while teaching students WW II history in class.

He also was permitted to dress in fashions of other time periods in his teaching lessons and act in character, role playing within those time periods he dressed and reflected upon. Some parents and students perceived this to be a unique teaching approach, as others thought it to be bizarre and quite peculiar. Apparently, he was very well versed in the subjects he lectured and taught about.

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