Adrenaline Junkies and Avalanches

6/28/2010 12:47:00 PM ·

This documentary shares the risks adrenaline junkies take when skiing the slopes. There were 48 deaths reported in North America due to Avalanches, most of them were males between the ages of 22-26. Most of these young men believe they can defy nature, skiing the "backcountry" without the necessary gear. The backcountry is typically where the snow is best and most dangerous.

Avanlanches travel up to 70mph  in this area and they're impossible to outrun. Those caught in the avalanche will be buried alive, experiencing brain damage in the first 5-7 minutes. After 15 minutes, 30% of the victims are dead. After 30 minutes, 90% are dead. It's a terrifying thought to risk your life for the sake of a thrill, but many do it everyday.

The Jackson Hole Ski Patrol and Grand Teton Search and Rescue coordinate a "First Response Team" including some highly intelligent rescue dogs in this 11: 15 documentary about adrenaline junkies caught in avalanches.

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