My Computer Blogging Journey

5/28/2010 06:16:00 PM ·

When I started out writing and blogging many years ago, I did it without my own personal computer. In fact, many times I had to drive 2 hours to my dad's apartment in order to work on his personal computer.I think he started to notice that I was becoming a serious blogger and writer so he offered me a Dell Coupon that he had received from his office to get a deep discount on a laptop computer. I had never owned or operated a Dell computer before, in all actuality, I was used to using HP computers, but I made the most of the situation.

I took the Dell to my restaurant to use for business and  blogging. However, one afternoon one of the pipes burst in the office, this was an older building mind you, and the laptop was destroyed. We experienced one of those odd winter days in Florida and the pipes couldn't handle it. I was so upset. The worst thing was, I no longer had access to my business or personal files on the Dell, so I had to buy another computer.

I looked into getting a desktop computer and I managed to find some really great HP coupons that could be used at the local Best Buy. I got nearly $350.00 off my purchase, and not to mention, I received Best Buy Coupons for my next purchase. Wouldn't you know it, I bought an HP laptop no less than two weeks later. This would be the same HP laptop that I've been using the entire time while setting up all three of my blogs.

It's not the fact that I always find great discounts on the products that I trust, but the fact that I still have those products and they work just as well as the first day I purchased them.

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