Manatee Encounter

5/15/2010 07:18:00 PM ·

An Adventure with a Manatee at Ponce Inlet in Florida

Every week we take the pooches to Ponce Inlet in Florida to swim at the dog beach. Today was an odd occurrence, however. When I was a taking a much needed break from the waters, I heard some people yelling and pointing out at the water.

There were two beautiful manatees slowing swimming by all of the bathers. In a surprising, yet startling way, one of the manatees swam under my fiance and lifted him out of the water. It was like those games you play when you're a child. You know the ones. You swim under your friend and surprise them by throwing them out of the water, causing a huge splash and lots of laughter.

Personally, if a creature that large swam under me, and I had no idea they were in the area, I would be yelling shark and heading towards my towel.

The most amusing part of this experience was when a little girl asked my fiance if the manatees belonged to him. She thought we had brought them on a leash. He told her, "I could never afford to feed them, and no, we didn't bring them. They lived there". It was a good day!

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