Lunes Viajes: The Tiwanaku Culture in Bolivia

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Near La Paz, about 9 1/2 miles from Lake Titicaca, lies Tiwanaku . Many archaeologists believe that Tiwanaku in the oldest city in the world and some believe it was a sacred place for Aymara: a tribe that thrived here long before the Incas.

1195 Tiwanaku - Templo de Kalasasaya

There are those, however, that claim Tiwanaku was built by visitors from another planet, the same people in fact, that constructed the Nazca Lines in Peru. Tiwanaku was built 2 miles above sea level in the Bolivian Andes, making this site a mystery. How was it possible to transport these massive stone monuments across such a long distance?

What we do know is that around 500 CE, building began, with several additions being added six centuries later. The stones used in this massive complex of temples, statues, and monoliths were cut in a way that locked all of them together without the use of any mortar. The heaviest of the stones weighs close to 100 tons.

By the time the Inca arrived, the entire civilization along with its people had disappeared. Historians believe that the surrounding geographical terrain was no longer fertile, so the inhabitants moved on. The Incas perception of Tiwanaku was that, this was the birthplace of humankind.

The mystery of Tiwanaku is just as fascinating as the Egyptian pyramids, the Nazca Lines in Peru, Petra in Jordan, and Stonehenge in England. None of these amazing monuments have ever been explained, and their origins remain unknown.

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