Florida: A Hot Spot for Shark Attacks

5/31/2010 02:00:00 PM ·

Living in Florida, you always have a bit of fear in the back of your mind that you may find yourself in some unfamiliar territories. I'm not trying to scare the tourists that travel to Florida every year to swim in the ocean and walk on the glorious beaches of the Sunshine State. You just have to remember, every time you step into the ocean you're in a domain that doesn't belong to you or I.

A small strip of Florida’s coastline is infamous for its record number of shark attacks. A total of 135 shark attacks occurred along this 47-mile strip of land in Volusia Country between 1999 and 2008.

That is 21 percent of the global number of shark attacks during that time, according a new study.Check out the rest of the study on the Hotspots For Shark Attacks in Florida and Why They Occur @Discovery News

Also check out Sharks: Cruise Missiles of the Deep @DarkRoastedBlend

Picture Copyright Carl Roessler

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