St. Andrews in Scotland

4/15/2010 07:24:00 PM ·

41 st. andrews - san salvatore university

Just recently, I made a wonderful friend at a site called Carolines Cove. Caroline was an office assistant, but just this past Wednesday, she got accepted at St. Andrews University for Archeology. She told me I was an inspiration to her and it was all my fault that she applied. That has to be one of the best compliments I've ever had.

Caroline will be studying Scottish History, and I couldn't be more green with envy. She actually used to live beside Rossyln Chapel as a child, one of my favorite places on Earth mind you, and walk her dog on the grounds. There's so much amazing history in Scotland, and Caroline gets to see it everyday.

I wanted to congratulate her, and her honor, and feature one of the most prestigious and beautiful campuses in the world. Welcome to St. Andrews!

Inside the remains of the Cathedral

Pictures compliments of  LittleBuddha198

52 st. andrews - san salvatore university

51 st. andrews - san salvatore university

43 st. andrews - san salvatore university

39 st. andrews - university

Photography compliments of LifeClan

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