Save Money By Buying Superior Eyeglasses Online

4/07/2010 01:44:00 PM ·

Here's the key to saving money with glasses online, and why you should stop buying them at local retailers.

My story

A few months ago, I had to purchase several pairs of eyeglasses due to a mishap with my new puppy. She, for some reason, likes the taste of glass lenses, so I was left with some chewed up frames, and nothing else.

For many of us, anytime you need to replace your glasses, you just go to the nearby optical store and they fill your prescription with the information they have on file. Here's the problem with that. Since you already acquired an optical exam with that particular store, they hold the key to the prescription. Therefore, you're forced to buy glasses from them no matter what the cost.

Since I spent a whopping $300.00 on two pairs of glasses, plus the exam, I decided I had to find another way to replace my eyeglasses. I found a company called Zenni Optical online specializing in prescription glasses for affordable prices. All I needed to do was provide a prescription stating what my pupillary distance was. Now, considering I had previously had an exam at the optical store, I knew that my PH had been recorded in my file. Typically, you will not be provided with this information during your exam since this would empower you to purchase your glasses from another supplier. That's exactly what I've been doing!

During this tough economy, we can't afford to spend more money on items that typically need to replaced, quite often in my case. My issue is that, I have a design oriented taste, and I like my glasses to match my personality. So what does that mean? It means that I like to have several pairs of glasses. I'll have one for writing on the computer, those in particular need to be light and comfortable. One pair for school, which need to be easy on the eyes and one for going out at night, in particular something a bit stronger for my tired eyes.

At Zenni Optical, I can buy up to 6 pairs of glasses and still be under $100.00. You just can't beat that price. Just remember, it typically takes a little under two weeks to receive your glasses, but don't be concerned. Your glasses will go through rigorous quality checks before they're sent, which is why they take a bit longer for them to get to you. Check out Zenni Optical today and start saving money on prescription glasses.

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