Ponce Inlet Florida

4/02/2010 04:55:00 PM ·

As a start to my weekend, my fiance and I decided to spend a day at the dog beach in Ponce Inlet Florida. Ponce Inlet is located at the southern tip of a beach peninsula, south of Daytona Beach. I'm lucky, in that, I'm only 10 minutes away from this secluded and private area, known for it's fabulously unique houses and beautiful scenery.Of course, the beach isn't the only reason why I like to visit.

Ponce Inlet, previously known as Mosquito Inlet, has one of the most complete light stations in the nation, bringing close to 100,000 visitors a year. In fact, the lighthouse at Ponce Inlet is the second tallest in the nation measuring 175 feet high.

While you're visiting, you can check out the the Ayres Davies Lens Exhibit Building, which houses one of the finest collections of restored Fresnel lenses in the world, including the rotating first order Fresnel lens from the Cape Canaveral lighthouse and the restored original Ponce Inlet lighthouse first order Fresnel lens.

Ponce Inlet, Florida Photography

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