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4/15/2010 06:52:00 PM ·

Over the past year, my fiance and I have been living in an apartment near our college, however, during the Fall semester will be at the university.

We have decided to look into a Rental Property near the campus to cut down on the hour drive. The issue is, the last time we looked for an apartment or house to rent in the present area we are right now, if was quite difficult to find a place that would work with us.

I talked to my mom about the situation, since for the past 35 years, she has been working hand in hand with HUD on rental assistance for the elderly. She told me that there are so many options available for people looking for reduced rents based on their lower incomes. HUD also has a House Choice Voucher Program that pays for part, if not the entire amount of your rent owed.

Considering neither myself or my fiance has the time to look in the area we will be living, we have to use online searches to find these types of properties. I found a site called HousesForRentShop to search for the ideal home in our price range, and with some amenities that we require. All you have to do is put in your zip code, the amount of bedrooms, baths, and price range you are looking for, and Wallah! You get the results right away.

Not only do you get pictures, floor-plans, prices, and a contact sheet to contact the owner if you interested, but you also get an entire interactive map of other properties in the surrounding area. This is so much easier than calling people from newspaper and internet listings.

Not to mention, if you're looking to lease to own or if you are in the market for foreclosure listings, there's also a section for that on your search results. Our last home was a foreclosure, so we got it for a steal after one of the hurricanes hit it. That was close to 7 years ago.

If you need information on how to rent a home or apartment, you have to check online first.  It's cuts out the hassle and it saves you so much time.

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