Frankenstein's Fortress in Standfordville New York

4/22/2010 11:25:00 AM ·

The Frankenstein Fortress, not to be confused with Frankenstein's Castle, is located in Standfordville, New York. The vision for this haunted theme park came from the artistic mind of Peter Wing.

I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Wing, the cousin of Peter, while writing online. Richard prompted me to take a look initially at Wing's Castle, which is now a global phenomenon. I did a feature on the site over at Ancient Digger, if you want to find out more.

As for Frankenstein's Fortress, it is a gem of a haunted theme park for the ghost enthusiast and the paranormally(if that's a word) obsessed.

Peter Wing's study of the Director’s work allowed him to see the careful craft of bringing out an underlying darker story beneath the script. He now uses this and a Federico Fellini approach to the haunted theme park in Stanfordville New York.One of its major features is the fact that 95% of the props and costumes are also made from recycled materials, this gives this Haunted Attraction its unique character and all that have seen it rave.
Find out more about the operating hours and entire history and vision that brought Frankenstein's Fortress to life.

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