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4/20/2010 09:56:00 AM ·

My fiance and I, on occasion, love to take time out and head to some of the smaller casino/arcade shops around town. We've come to the conclusion that if we were willing to drive two hours to the casino in Tampa, and lose, we were willing to give online casinos a chance. In the past, it's been a challenge to find sites that work with US citizens when cashing out, so that's why I use Online Casinos Planet for the latest news in gaming.

The site is not an actually casino, but it has an extensive list of legitimate casinos around the world, as well as online casino sites. There's review information for those of you that seek sites and locations that are user friendly and have great payouts. In addition, there are percentage rankings and bonus amounts listed in order of the highest pay and the most popular casinos.

For those of you that love tournaments, which I do, there is a specific section on Online Casinos Planet that explains how the process works including:

  • How to participate.
  • Maximizing your chance to win. 
  • Tips and tricks.
In all actuality, this site is an information portal for individuals, like yourself, that enjoy online games and land based casinos that are safe and secure, and you actually have a great shot of winning money once in a while. Most of all, the information is easy to follow and the site is super user friendly with search options custom made just for you. Check it out today!

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