Barrier Reef Oil Spill in Australia

4/05/2010 12:41:00 PM ·

Once again, carelessness has led to an emergency situation at the Barrier Reef in Australia. There are already close to two tons of oil presently spilling in the water, where tugboats have been brought in to stop the vessel from breaking apart completely.

Just last Saturday, the Chinese-registered Shen Neng 1 rammed into Douglas Shoals, an area that has shipping restrictions in order to protect what is the world's largest coral reef and one that is listed as a World Heritage site because of its gleaming waters and environmental value as home to thousands of marine species.
If it wasn't for our reliance on destructive fuels to our planet, this would never be happening. Awareness is key. Check out the full story of the Barrier Reef Spill in Australia on Discovery.

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