An Odd Friendship Between Man and Lion

3/23/2010 06:12:00 PM ·

Last year when I was doing independent study on comparative psychology, I stumbled upon some odd footage. Kevin Richardson, an animal behaviorist, had formed a private refuge in South Africa, near Johannesburg.

Amongst some of the furry creatures exploring there way around the reserve are several hyenas, that on occasion, like to partake in warm embraces with Kevin. There are also close to 38 lions that Kevin has been working with, ever since they were born in captivity.

Not only had he developed a personal relationship with each and everyone of the animals, but some of the female lionesses that had just given birth, allowed him to nap with their cubs. How strange is that? Really, it's unheard of.

Most of us would never imagine placing ourselves in this type of environment, for the very thought of one of these wild animals attacking can't be far from Kevin's mind at all times. They appear to be beautiful and kind creatures, however animals can change their behavior quite quickly in certain situations.

Watch the video and see for yourself. Feedback is always welcome.

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