The Oasis of Huacachina in Peru

3/29/2010 07:19:00 PM ·

I've heard of mirages, but I never thought they could actually be real. Huacachina is a resort built around a small lake in the Peruvian desert. Brimming with lush vegetation and picturesque landscapes, Huacachina is full of mystery, intrigue, and history. AJ Galvez takes us on a tour of the wonder that is the oasis of Huacachina.

An oasis is an isolated place with vegetation that surrounds a spring, lake, or any source of water. Huacachina is an oasis found on Peru’s desert, and according to legends, a beautiful native princess was seen taking a bath by a young hunter on that place. To her surprise she fled immediately leaving the pool of water which later on became the lagoon, and the folds of her mantle streaming behind her became the surrounding sand dunes. It was said that the princess still live today in the oasis as a mermaid.

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