The New Google Adsense: New Ad Networks Making Us More Money

3/22/2010 05:58:00 PM ·

Have you seen the new ad networks from Google Adsense? Not only do publishers have the option to earn money from competing advertisers on Adwords, but now Google has added certified ad-networks.

Ultimately, this will allow site owners to earn more revenue over a certain period of time. How do they make us money? Well, up until now advertisers using Adwords were only competing against themselves. Now, there is an entirely new set of network ads competing for your business.

First of all, I want you to watch the video. I wanted to the know the reason why I had been making more money with Adsense lately. Was it because I was using targeted keywords for advertisers? Maybe, however I haven't exactly changed my content too drastically, so I was pleasantly surprised when my Google earnings started to double everyday.

Once you watch the video, access your Adsense account. Go to Adsense setup, and then to the Ad Review Center. There you will be able to see the new networks that have been recently displayed on your site, and consequently, making you more money.

You also have the option at the point to filter out categories that might not fit well with the theme of your blog. Check it out and tell me what all of you think about these new changes.

As a Google Adsense user, I was thrilled with my recent boost in earnings.

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