How Does Weather Affect Your Life?

3/03/2010 08:15:00 AM ·

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Depending on the climate that you live, weather has an enormous impact on your plans. Whether you're planning a family vacation for the weekend or visiting a festival in the park, which I'm doing in two weeks, weather runs your life in every aspect.

In two weeks, I have a pretty hectic schedule planned. I plan to move on March 12th, on the 13th I will be visiting a Native American Festival in the Park, and then on the 14th I will be at the Jewish festival with my father. In order for my weekend to be a complete success, the weather has to cooperate, and in Florida, that's not always the case. That's why I rely on AccuWeather to provide me with a more accurate forecast for my weekend plans.

I'm a huge weather junkie, as I'm always looking up local weather and severe weather notices in the area. Don't get me wrong, I love a clear 70 degree Florida day, however I'm fascinated by inclement weather. Just last month, we had a very odd wind storm in the middle of February. It wasn't expected and I was quite surprised when I opened up the door to my home and palm leaf flew into my living room.

Had I looked at the weather forecast on Accuweather the previous day, I would have been a bit more prepared, and I would have never attempted to go outside. Furthermore, I have to plan my day around my dogs, they usually chose the time in which we go one our walks, so the weather has to agree with their schedule. Yes, they do have a schedule.

In the present day, the weather is becoming more and more unpredictable. Sometimes, you can't always get an accurate forecast while watching the news, that's why I rely on other resources that give me up to date and precise weather forecasts.

Not to mention, Accuweather has so many more resources for gardeners, travelers, and individuals with health issues that may be affected by different types of weather. Personally, I have very bad allergies, especially during the months when pollen tends to stick to our truck and float in the air. I have to plan my day accordingly, and at some times, I can't go out all.

Planning your day around weather is essential. So, using a site that allows you to live your life, while still providing you the most honest and accurate forecasts, is the key to a healthy and happier you.

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