20 Reasons Why I Would Live on an Island

3/04/2010 08:56:00 PM ·

One of my favorite shows on television, actually, one of the only shows that I watch is Lost. It's a healthy obsession, you know, you watch an hour and by the end of the show you have 20 more questions than you had when you first started watching. All of you Lost watchers know what I'm talking about.

Well, today I was thinking how much easier it would be to actually live on an island. You wouldn't need a job or any money. You wouldn't even need an clothing. Although, some rashes in some odd places may force you to cover up some very special spots. So if you had the chance, would you live on an island?

With the help of my fiance, we have devised a top 20 list of why we would rather live on an island. He's an avid Lost fan as well, so he was obliged to assist me.

  1. No Wal-Mart’s allowed
  2. No Christmas Lights hanging from your neighbor’s house in March
  3. No Commuter traffic
  4. No Alarm Clocks
  5. No Road Rage
  6. No Taxes
  7. Clothing Optional
  8. No Tropical Apparel day at work
  9. No door to door evangelists, more like day to day fiesta’s
  10. No telemarketers
  11. No more bills
  12. No mowing the lawn, EVER!
  13. No more seat belts
  14. No more Non-Smoking signs
  15. Smoke any plant or weed you desire
  16. Free toilet paper
  17. No more road construction
  18. No more promises from politicians
  19. Never worry about Gas prices again
  20. No more speed limits; unless you’re referring to chasing a girl wearing coconuts and a palm leaf.

Have a Happy Weekend Everyone!

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