What Do Women Really Want?

2/04/2010 09:32:00 AM ·

How many times in you life has your girlfriend asked you why you always go for jerks? Well, I can honestly say that I have gone for a few, but sometimes you have to when you want to get to a nice guy. That's why relationships and dating can be such fun, and sometimes a drag. However, Jennifer Marre believes that women set themselves up when they have a certain personality, or dress a certain way. So is it really our fault that we'd rather have a jerk than a nice guy?

Men are always complaining that women only go for “jerks” and won’t give “nice guys” a chance. It seems to be common knowledge that jerks are the guys who get all the girls and that “nice guys” remain forever in the “friend zone.” But how much of this actually has to do with female preference, and how much of it has more to do with the types of women that males prefer?
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