Teens and Sex: Sex Education for the Future

2/02/2010 12:00:00 PM ·

When I was growing up, the topic of sex really didn't come all that often. I had to find out things from my friends, until I really felt comfortable talking about it with my parents. Honestly, I think teens want and upfront and in your approach when talking about sex. Give the facts, and maybe, they'll be more prepared in the future. Ruby Hawk, a full time writer, let's us on a little secret.

Your teenagers might not know as much about sex as you think. Parents can have an exaggerated idea about how much their teens really know. You might have informed them of the facts of the birds and the bees but how much did they take in about sexually transmitted diseases, sexting, and protecting their health. It’s every parent’s duty to inform their kids of all the facts. So don’t be stingy with sexual information.

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