Suffering in the Sake of Beauty: Ibo Women of Nigeria

2/13/2010 05:40:00 PM ·

Why do women suffer for the sake of beauty?

Some will go to great lengths to improve wrinkles by going under the knife, some will consistently rely on Botox injections to make their face flawless and emotionless, and then there are the Ibo women.

The Ibo women of Nigeria wear gold anklets from adolescence. The anklets are fixed on them by smiths, and when they walk, they have to swing their legs outwards so they don't trip. The women that wear these intricate pieces make for a fine procession, and the reflection off the anklets attracts onlookers to their sleek and slender bodies. Women who are even more daring will wear copper or brass spirals of brass which covered most, if not all, of their legs.

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