Magnetic Bracelets: The Use of Magnets for Natural Remedies

2/18/2010 08:50:00 AM ·

I spend many hours online writing articles and maintaining my blogs, however over the years, I have developed carpal tunnel and some minor arthritis in my hands. The problem has gotten worse since I had my restaurants and I spend all day flipping pans with the use of my wrists. I had tried several pain pills and aspirin, but those types of remedies are temporary. I even purchased a magnet bracelet to help me with my migraines.

I can honestly say, that when I stopped using pills and started using natural remedies like magnetic bracelets, my migraines and arthritis completely subsided. I was, however, looking for some jewelry that I could wear on a daily basis to classes, and no one would really know why I had chosen the pieces that I did.

I was looking on online for some retailers that specialize in this type of remedy and was able to find a wonderful site that had a large selection of jewelry that could be worn on a daily basis.

This magnet bracelet was by far my favorite find on the site and it only cost $14.99. I adore the colors in this piece and matches perfectly with almost every article of clothing that I have, including a handmade Peruvian scarf that wear with it.

The best part about this jewelry site is that they have a satisfaction guarantee and they ship worldwide for FREE! How many sites do you know that actually do this?

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