Luscious Landscape Photography

2/24/2010 12:57:00 PM ·

The landscapes of nature are neither soiled with heavy interruption, nor do they exist without a phenomenon which was originally derived from the supernatural to the galactic universe. The name itself comes from the Latin word “Natura” or “the course of things”, relating to animals, plants, the sky above, the earth below, the soul of a human being and the aspects of the world.

Dar To Mbeya on Train

Cigenter River-2

Telaga Warna-2

a curious face

Above The Clouds

The Waterfall Scene-3

All pictures compliments of © Erickson290872

About the Photographer:

J.Erickson Ginting is a drilling engineer, however I think he has fooled everyone with these more than inspiring photographs. He spends his days traveling all over the world to exotic places.I think photography may be this engineer's calling. What do you think?

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