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2/24/2010 08:53:00 AM ·

Just recently, my sister and fiance were overseas in the UK for a work convention. My sister has now been there over 10 times, and I just couldn't be more green with envy. On a whim, while her husband was working, she decided to look into some last minute holidays so she could visit her friend that had transferred to Costa Rica for work several years back. She planned to stay several days, so she looked for a flight that met her requirements.

She checked out a UK site that specialized in late holidays and was able to find a flight for a reasonable price. The flight was quite long, but well worth it in the end. She was able to visit her friend and take in many sites while she was there.

I had mentioned to her on the phone before she left that she had to visit the Museum of Precolumbian gold and the Jade Museum. I'd been reading about both of the museums when I was doing some research and she was able to see the sites first hand. Not to mention, she was still able to speak Spanish pretty fluently, even after several years of not using it, so she was able to find out some hot spots and locations that were super reasonable and not exactly known to the public. Of course, so many of the residents in Costa Rica already speak English, but my sister and I think it's important to respect the culture and converse with the locals in their native language.

After a long couple of days shopping and seeing the sites, she flew back to the UK just in time to meet her husband for a late dinner.

She called me a few days later and said that her first trip to Costa Rica was amazing and gratifying. I was so pleased considering my fiancé and I had planned a trip to Costa Rica for Spring Break this year. I was thrilled that she gathered some visitor information for us prior to our trip. It made all of our holiday plans so much easier to plan. Seventeen more days and I'm off.

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