Hand Blown Glass Art

2/04/2010 04:58:00 PM ·

Revolutionary changes in glass blowing have instrumentally influenced the Organic movement of sculpture. Artists have now taken physical objects and transformed their fluid movements into pieces of luxurious art.

For many artists, the art of making hand blown glass is a tireless and passionate form of expression, which now a days, many of us have the pleasure of experiencing in our own homes.

To arrive at these pieces of art, the glass blowers will start with blowing a tube which are “fire-enclosed” on one side and inflated by blowing through an opening to form a bottle. From that point, they were able to transform the sculpture into various shapes and forms, using a rainbow of vibrant colors.

I was introduced to glass blowing several years ago by a friend at an art festival, and since I was working with a completely empty palate at home, I was seeking a piece that was one of a kind and fit my personality. After I found my perfect piece, my obsession continued.

I could never find what I really wanted in stores, so I looked all over the internet looking for glass blown art directly from artists. I wanted something fluid and reflecting forms in nature, and I was able to find several pieces that fit that description.

As you can plainly see, my favorite glass color is purple. I can't tell you how difficult it is to find purple glass, and I have searched. In the past, I have always collected deep amethyst depression glass, so I wanted something similar to mix with my decor.

The pieces I have featured here are both $189.00 each, and in my opinion, I think with all the care it takes to create such work it's worth every penny.

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