A Funny Toast: Fred and Wilma Flintstone

2/26/2010 02:19:00 PM ·

On occasion, my significant other tries to, or attempts, to be humorous. This wedding toast featuring Fred and Wilma Flintstone is too cute and creative for words. What do you think? Would you use these lines during your wedding toast?

Till death do us part, or until the Dino Ribs run out.

I am here tonight for the same reason as all of you, because there’s an open bar.

No really, I ‘m going to try my best to not get too emotional. (sigh and re-compose)

We are here to honor Fred and Wilma Flintstone. I grew with Fred Flintstone…In fact; he was just a stone’s throw away. I have never seen anyone throw the bowling ball like old twinkle toes. Fred can really do the bedrock twist. We will all have to encourage Fred to shake it a little later. There is only way you can describe Fred’s work, Fred Rocks!

I thought Fred would find it very difficult to find someone as kind, friendly, and great as he is. Yet, once again Fred overachieved and found Wilma.

Wilma is smart, sweet, and can cook some mean dino ribs. “Wilma, I look forward to getting to know and love you as I do Fred.”

They have only been together for a short time and they already have their future planned out. They love kids and kids love them. So they are going to have one daughter and make chewable vitamins that are kid friendly. There is also some talk about Fred becoming the next software mogul. He hopes to be bigger than Bill Gates, and design a new and improved internet super highway.

Well, I thought it would be good to close with some advice for married couples. Never go to bed angry at one another, so be prepared to stay up late all night arguing! No seriously, life is too short, so make sure to always be there for one another.

Now, the great thing about tonight is that we will all have plenty of time to spend getting to know them better. The bartenders that is! Oh yes, and Fred and Wilma.

Now if everyone would lift their glasses and joining me in wishing Fred and Wilma a great marriage and a wonderful future.

I love you guys!

Now let’s all have a Yabba Dabba Doo time!

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