Wearing Fur, Leather, or Silk: What it says about Your Morals

1/25/2010 11:36:00 AM ·

In some cultures, wearing fur to stay warm and survive is a way of life. However, there are those that choose to wear it strictly to enhance their appearance, and really, what does this say about their morals or ethics when it comes to the animal? B Nelson digs deep into the industry of wearing fur, leather, and silk and the affects it has on nature and the environment.

In the fur trade animals are either farm raised, living in small cages until they are large enough to be killed (generally by electrocution) and skinned, or they are hunted through various means. Either way the sole purpose of the slaughter of these animals is for their fur. In most cases the remains are either fed back to other animals kept in the cages for their own skins, rendered into pet food (as meat meal), or incinerated. Between 120 and 200 Chinchillas are needed to make a fur coat.
Read more about the ethics of wearing fur, leather, and silk@ Socyberty

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