Travel to Switzerland: A Geographical and Economical Revolution of Travel and Responsibility

1/07/2010 12:01:00 PM ·

Switzerland’s geography has made a substantial impact on the country as a whole; however the only way to understand those changes is to dissect the history of Switzerland’s economic and geographic terrain. The landscapes of the country have gone through considerable change throughout history, and with those changes came reform. The formation of a loose confederation in Switzerland aided the country by allowing for mutual support during warfare and economic development. However, the bonds of those relationships were stretched almost to a breaking point several centuries ago. In that moment, the outcome of Switzerland’s economic, political, and social status completely changed.

The territory of what is now Switzerland shared a similar evolution with the rest of Western Europe. The first couple of centuries or so was a time of migration, moving in the general direction of east to west. Peoples were displaced as waves of new tribes arrived from Asia (F. D. Affairs). In my experiences, when migration of several varied populations coexists within one boundary certain customs including language, religion, and cultural traditions have a direct impact on the surrounding region. Although, to the current landholders and citizens at the time, this may in fact have been more of an annoyance than a positive step toward interrelations. Read more about the history and the cultural changes in Switzerland on Trifter

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