Travel and Holiday's to Cyprus During The Anthestiria Flower Festival

1/09/2010 11:10:00 AM ·

I think what appeals to me most about Cyprus is the culture and the history. The iconic art of the Middle Ages displayed in certain venues stretches thousands of years and the education you receive just by visiting is unparalleled. The sounds of island folk music and the poetry and acritic songs that flourished here during Medieval history is enough to make me call Cyprus my second home away from home.

In fact, every May, one of my closest friends travels to Cyprus for the Anthestiria Flower Festival which celebrates the arrival of spring in a naturalistic and beautiful way. It's a tradition for her, and for once, I will be able to join her on holiday next year after I finish my second step towards my PhD. I was searching for some cheap holiday deals during the 2011 spring season and I was able to find some super Cheap Flights To Cyprus.

Of course, planning the trip now will help be obtain the best deals and accommodations so I won't have to scramble last minute to find a reasonable package. I couldn't be happier with the choices and options I have found.

If you haven't been to Cyprus, and let's face, it's such an enormously popular destination for travelers, I urge you to check out your options. If you are looking specifically for Cheap Holidays To Cyprus , you may want to consider going in the off season which is at the end of summer, in October or May. You may miss some of the Spring festivities, but if you're trying to stay on a budget, this is the way to go.

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