Taking a Vacation: Road Trip Bingo Game for Kids and Adults

1/04/2010 03:17:00 PM ·

A couple years ago, my fiance and I rented an RV with some friends and we made our way out west to see the sites of the Frontier. There were five of us plus four children, so you can only imagine how cramped and stressful it could get. We really didn't have that much to occupy our time besides a deck of cards and a television with a DVD player. However, how many times can you possibly watch Little Mermaid or Free Willy.

I consider myself a pretty creative person, and I love playing interesting and new games that make you think and keep you on your toes. That's probably why I spend so much time playing Online Bingo and other reflexive and entertaining activities. So when we started planning our trip, I did a bit of research and found a kid friendly game, and also, one that all of us adults would still enjoy playing with them.

Road Trip Bingo is just like the game Eye-Spy, you know the one, I spy an orange building and the person has to guess what building your talking about. It's sounds pretty simple and silly, but when your traveling thousands of miles across the US, it always helps when you can pass a little bit of time on the way.

So here's how it works, and trust me your kids will totally love this. Everyone playing gets a bingo card, when you see something on your card you place a sticker on. When the first player gets 4 in a row horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or across they will win.

You decide whether or not to give prizes. Sometimes it's enough for the kids just to be the winner of the game, but every child is different, so you can decide whether to award prizes.

I know personally from my experience traveling with kids, and right now I don't have any of my own, you have to have alot of activities planned for them in advance. I'm sure many of you can relate this, so I want to hear what you have come up with?

What sorts of activities do you like do when on a road trip. Don't hold back because I'm sure many of us need some more options.

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