Record Low Temperatures in Florida

1/09/2010 06:56:00 PM ·

Source (No, this is not Florida, but it looks like it could be)

As I sit at my desk, blogging away on a freezing Saturday evening, I keep wondering if I'm really in Florida. I've lived here for nine years now and never have I experience such freezing temperatures. In fact, tonight the low is supposed to reach 17 Degrees. Florida has not hit these temperatures in over 100 years. So what does this mean?

Meteorologists in Florida say it's just a subtle change in temperature and it will warm up soon. Are they insane? It's 28 degrees right now and I have 5 layers on and blanket. I saw snow this morning for the first time in years, and I'm 5 minutes from the ocean and I see some vacationers who are thinking.....what the heck is going on around the world?

It's almost harder to believe than this girl doing back flips into a tv. Just plain stupid!

What's the temperature where you are? Is this normal for your time of year?

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