How Much Do You Gamble?

1/30/2010 11:01:00 AM ·

On occasion, my fiance and I will take a $100.00 each to the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa and test our luck at the slots. We always go with low expectations since we know the odds are always against us. However, if we go with the attitude that if we have the money to lose, which is not very often, we'll have a great time. Plus, that's the time we usually win. I've also found some pretty entertaining and high payout sites that many of my friends use on occasion at Online Casinos Planet. There's a huge listing of casinos across that country that you can play online or visit in person.

Every time my fiances parents come to visit us here in Florida, we always tend to wind up in a casino, dog, or horse track at least one time. I always have a list of new places to visit so we can test our odds at different places. It's a guilty pleasure for all of us, but you only live once. However, out motto seems to be that if you do win a certain amount, you must give some away to charity or a person that needs it much more than we do.

My fiance's mom is the same way. Just last week she came back from a casino in Indiana after winning $1200.00. The biggest surprise was that she only brought $20.00 bucks and she played the quarter machines at max play. She called us as soon as she won, and she usually does tend to win at least every other week. She sent over half of her payout to Red Cross, $200.00 to us, and she kept the rest to pay two payments on her car.

I think, and I know many people choose not to Gamble because they feel it's not a smart way to spend your money, that if you want to spend your money on a $100.00 on a shirt, a fancy pair of shoes than that's the choice you make. However, gamblers tend to take risks, and I'm wondering what this says about the kind of person that they are.

In our case, and my fiance's parents, we try to give away a certain amount instead of selfishly buying something for ourselves that we don't need.

So if you gamble, and I'm sure many of you do, what do you spend your winnings on? If you don't, why do you think it's an activity that's unacceptable?

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