College is Back In Session

1/12/2010 07:03:00 PM ·

Seven more days until I go back to school and hit the books harder than I've ever hit them before. So what is different about my next semester than last? It's my last at the present college, and I'll be off to brave the new world on a university campus.

While I'm sitting in a classroom, one on one and face to face with my professors, my friend Michele will be helping prospective students get real online degrees. That's right! She already has a MA in history and I talked to her about teaching in a classroom, but she just wouldn't budge. So she picked the next best thing, which is working for an online school, getting back to what she loves the most and that's making peoples dreams a reality.

I figured, she did have some time to learn a completely different side to the college experience, before I forced her to accompany me and my fiance to England to finish my degree.

It's a whole different world being a student at 32 and taking half my classes online and the rest in a classroom with only 30 people. In all actuality, I think the 50/50 classes have helped me become more focused and organized, especially since I have been programmed to sit in a room with close to 200 people for lectures.

I think the most important aspect of my college experience this year that I want to remember is that I found myself in a classroom. My decision, at least I don't think, to become an archaeologist was exactly concrete when I started. I questioned why I wanted to do it, and whether or not I would make any money to take of myself in the future. I know now, and I should have trusted myself, that I belong in this field and it defines who I am.

One day spent in class
proved a sign meant to last
what you were born to do
in the essence of past

It’s been a big change
but a change worth the wait
a picture of history
that was rearranged

A secret within
which nobody new
the proof in the graph
a sign of the truth

Was it meant to describe
a true moment in time
a clue disbelieved
has become redefined

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