The Charles F. Dietrich Estate at Millbrook

1/23/2010 05:19:00 PM ·

I have a great love of medieval fortresses and castles. Their unique construction and forbidding appearance often reflects the country of origin in some form or another. However in this case, this 19th century estate in New York is a reflection of one man's heritage, Charles F. Dietrich , and his need to share his wealth and the estate in Millbrook with the surrounding residents.

Destined to create his own Germanic bastion, Charles F. Dietrich bestowed his opulent wealth upon a life project to construct an estate nomenclatured Daheim, which defined in German means “the home”. Charles F. Dietrich was born in Germany in 1836, eventually becoming a very successful businessman and key engineer in the development of acetylene gas for illumination. He also was an original founder of Union Carbide. He was initially introduced to Millbrook by Henry James Davison Sr., a fellow civil engineer and colleague. Read more about the 19th century estate at Millbork By RS Wing

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