10 of the Worst Female Serial Killers

1/21/2010 07:20:00 AM ·

The darkness in many female serial killers manifests itself it a way that acts like a mask of many colors, worn by these women everyday. They are described as angels of death and mercy, however all the while killing below the radar in a more gruesome way.

Olah was the age of 40 when she arrived at a small Hungarian village called Nagzrev. Over the next few years she ‘predicted’ the deaths of upto 100 villagers; no surprise that they all did die subsequently but it was from arsenic poisoning and not natural causes. Many of the inhabitants thought Olah had prophetic powers and some called her the ‘Angel-maker’. Her victims ranged from infants to handicapped children and the husbands of many of the local .......Read more about female serial killers from Alistair Briggs @Socyberty
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