Semi Wordless Wednesday: Fort Mantanzas Haunted

12/30/2009 07:54:00 PM ·

On Monday, I took my mom to Fort Mantanzas in Saint Augustine for a site seeing adventure. We took the ferry over to Rattlesnake Island and the majestic barrier islands along the Mantanza River.

We made our way throughout the soldier quarters and up the narrow wooden ladder, through a tiny hole to the top of the fort. I actually got stuck, or rather my shirt got stuck, as I squeezed myself through the small opening.

As I wandered into the middle room that had 4 beds neatly spaced apart and a roaring fire to keep the Coquina walls warm during the chilly Florida nights, I noticed something odd. I had aimed my digital camera towards a small window in the room and I caught something on film before I ever snapped a picture. I thought it was a piece of lint, but it had a soft light around it, like an orb.

I've never had a firsthand experience with the supernatural, and I certainly never expected anything to happen like this during the day. Even more bizarre is that the guide had alluded to the fact that the fort had never been the site of any mass deaths. Mantanzas means "massacre", so what am I missing in this interpretation?

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