The Isle of Demons: Urban Folklore or Possible Truth

12/02/2009 05:39:00 PM ·

Whether an illustrious trail of intrigue or mystery, Patrick Bernauw delivers once again with a bizarre tale of two lovers that come ashore on an island of evil spirits in Newfoundland. For years, historians have not been convinced that the island ever existed, blaming mental incapacity as the reason why sailors and explorers had seen such things.

Located at the savage northern extremity of Newfoundland, Isle of Demons was reputedly inhabited by wild beasts, mythological creatures and evil spirits. The first to give a detailed description of it was a French Franciscan friar, AndrĂ© Thevet. Sailors had told him tales of how they had heard there "a great clamor of men’s voices, confused and inarticulate"…
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