Criminal Profiling and Representation on Television

12/25/2009 05:35:00 PM ·

It's been several months since I've actually sat down and watched a television show that I actually enjoyed. I tend to stick to the shows that illustrate the real side to criminal profiling and forensic anthropology, you know the ones. There's a criminal, a fancy, highly educated profiler, and a talented and ruthless Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney that gets the job done all within an hour. So no, they may not exactly be all that real, but there are aspects of the shows that relate to what investigators really go through to catch the criminals.

As far as what I have gathered, profiling was set up several years ago by the police department in an attempt to increase their budget. There really was no structure or planning, and there was certainly no qualified individuals to gather enough information to solve crimes.

However, over the years with the implementation of new methods of research, and the addition of highly trained and educated individuals, profiling has become an evolutionary science.

Geographical profilers, professionals that are highly admired and trained in that particular area, have been able to pinpoint specific areas where criminals were most likely to be found. In fact, with the use of this technology, they were able to finally solve the location of the home of one of the most notorious murderers of all time, "Jack the Ripper".

So what is your favorite criminal show on television? Do you think the process is accurate?

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