Are Bird Feeders Evolving A New Species of Bird?

12/04/2009 07:27:00 AM ·

Evolution, as characterized by Darwin, states that under ordinary circumstances favorable traits would tend to be preserved and unfavorable ones would be destroyed within animals. Therefore, these traits would allow the species to reproduce successfully and the negative traits would eventually be removed from the gene pool. This process of elimination is what causes the formation of a new species.

However, what happens when a trait that may have been unfavorable doesn't actually disappear, therefore creating a new sub species. Does this mean that Darwin was wrong?

In the case of the blackcaps found in Britain, they have begun to split into two separate species because of kindly British bird-lovers, all because of some innocent bird feeders.

Our study documents the profound impact of human activities on the evolutionary trajectories of species,' said Dr Schaefer. 'It shows that we are influencing the fate not only of rare and endangered species, but also of the common ones that surround our daily lives.

'This is a nice example of the speed of evolution. It is something that we can see with our own eyes if we only look closely enough. It doesn't have to take millions of years.'

My concern is that we are beginning to play god in the evolution of species, therefore natural selection has been completely thrown out the window.

When this species of blackcaps took on new traits, they were forced to deal with their new environment, and as nature states, the species must adapt on their own. As humans, we have chosen to play creator, and as history has already told us, this never ends well.

Read the entire write up on the evolution of the blackcap cause by bird feeders

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